Oh goodness, I’ve neglected this blog badly! Life has been crazier than I could ever have imagined the past few months. Ruby is busting at the seams and to top it off with a four month yoga training, a new writing gig at Style Me Pretty (OMG, I KNOW!) and an impending move to the east coast, it’s a wonder I’ve answered any emails! There is so much loveliness to share and we’ve had some incredible brides this past few months! We are having some of our work professionally photographed (by THE Clary Pfeiffer, no doubt!) but in the mean time, these self-portraits will have to do!

I’ve got to give a major shout out to my husband who has held my hand through this insane time as well as my incredibly family. I’m one LUCKY gal…and I feel like I’m just getting started!


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I have been a bad, bad blogger the past month. Why, you may ask? Oh, don’t worry, I have a good excuse.

At the end of February I began a 9-week intensive 200 hour Power Yoga Teacher Training through CorePower Yoga. I’ve been completely immersed in asanas, ahimsa and pranayama. It has been one of the most amazing and tiring experiences of my life. I’m taking a minimum of four classes per week on top of 12 + hours of classroom style learning, practice teaching and lectures. My love for yoga has gotten even stronger and the understanding of my yoga practice has deepened. Not to mention, my Lululemon collection has vastly increased (I mean, it was that or daily laundry.)

I can’t believe that in just a few short months (pending a few tests and auditions) I could be teaching a class of my very own-sharing the yoga love!

So, please forgive me for my blog absense-I will be back to normal soon(ish). In the meantime-keep the amazingly gorgeous custom orders coming! OH! One more thing. We have an exciting project in the works and we can’t wait to share!

Photo from here.

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Preparing for Indie Wed gave me an awesome opportunity to design a few suites just because. They weren’t for anyone in particular and I didn’t have to work within a color scheme. It was hard (but really, really fun.) Sometimes it’s much easier to design knowing what the outcome should be and how it needs to look. But with this, I just got to be creative and go with it. Here is one of the (simple) and modern designs I came up with. Oh, and clearly I wasn’t lying about the gold obsession.

All photos by Megan Lipke Kenney

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I’ve been loving me some gold lately-especially paired with mint green. It’s playful and whimsical yet stylish and classic. And lookie here! An inspiration board of minty/gold goodness. Yum!

Images: 1-Glasses, 2-Calendar, 3-Chair, 4-Bracelet, 5-Necklace, 6-Cards

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It’s been a crazy last few weeks around here: inquiries, Indie Wed and…features! 2012 has been very, very good to us (so far!) About three weeks ago an inspiration shoot we’d been invited to participate in got picked up by Ruffled! We were beyond excited (and a bit surprised at how quickly it happened!) It was the brainchild of Katie from Jayne Weddings as well as Jessie from Simply Jessie. It was dark, whimsical and dreamy-the perfect winter inspiration shoot.

When asked to create something so different-I was a bit nervous, but I have to say I’m so excited with how the invitation suite turned out. I chose to have the invitation foil stamped to retain it’s metallic sheen and then used dark colors and vintage stamps to finish the look. A huge shout out to the rest of the amazing vendors: Mignonette Designs, Shelby Smith, Dena Miller, Fleur.

Hope you likey.

All photos by Simply Jessie.

Also, check out the beyond gorgeous film from the shoot by Put Down the Bourbon.. AH-mazing.

Muted Love. from Put Down the Bourbon on Vimeo.

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