Meet Megan

In winter of 2008, Megan Lipke Kenney got her first wedding invitation design job from a friend and ran with it. Since then, Ruby the Fox has designed hundreds of custom invitation suites and has had to opportunity to work with some of the best brides out there. We’ve moved around the country, had a baby and are now based out of Baltimore, Maryland. Megan just may be the luckiest girl in the world as she gets to work day in and day out on unique design for brides, babies and paper-lovers coast-to-coast (and overseas!).

With a background in journalism and graphic design, Megan utilizes her strong eye for typography, clean layouts, gorgeous fonts and high-end materials to create bespoke invitation suites and other paper goods.

Drawing inspiration from travel to interior design, architecture to fashion, Megan takes your paper dreams and turns them into a seriously beautiful reality.

What’s in a name? Oh, let me tell you…The story of Ruby the Fox began with a real-life fox Megan befriended during a two year stint in Denver, Colorado. Her furry friend lived behind their little house, in a park aptly named Ruby Hill. Ruby the Fox became a staple of Denver life, and it was only fitting to pay homage to her as the company’s namesake. In April of 2009, Ruby the Fox officially launched and the rest, as they say, is history.